Baseball, Beer, and Finance – A Love Story

Hello from Funds INC, your friendly commercial finance brokers!

It’s spring again, and with the occasional glimpses of sun we get here in Southeast Michigan comes one of my first true loves – baseball!  Even though the Detroit Tigers aren’t supposed to be very good this year, I’ll have them on every day and I’ll get to the ball park at least two or three times.   And what goes great with baseball on a Saturday afternoon?  Beer!

And what goes great with baseball and beer?  Finance!  Commercial Finance to be precise.  At Funds INC we are finance brokers and we process loans of all shapes and sizes for A, B, C and D credit clients.  We specialize in SBA and USDA loans and do a ton of commercial real estate (from single family rentals to 100M+ office units.)  We process a lot of asset based lending and other nerdy terms that you’re probably not familiar with unless you’re in the business (shout out to my Business Banker friends)  Fear not!  At Funds INC we have 17 years of combined finance experience so once we get to know you, your business, and what you’re trying to do, we can match you up with the right lending product to solve your capital problem.

In short, we love baseball.  We love beer.  And we love finance.  Even if you don’t like baseball (boo) or beer (huh?) give us a call and let’s talk about what you’re trying to accomplish.  Acquisition?  Refinance?  Cash out? Working Capital?  Something else entirely?  If there’s a deal to be had, we can get it done.

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