There are two major types of business lines of credit; secured and unsecured. Secured lines of credit will rely on an existing business’s assets.

Secured Lines of Credit

Accounts Receivable and PO financing

We will work with our partners to evaluate your AR and PO, and we will establish lines of credit as we use these business assets for collateral. This isn’t a loan – you can use the proceeds for any business purpose with a revolving line of credit.

Inventory Financing

Like AR financing, we are able to secure lines of credit for our customers based on the value of their inventory. Frequently our clients will combine their AR and Inventory to receive a maximum line of credit (which frequently reaches into the multiple millions of dollars).

AR Factoring

In additional to providing lines of credit against accounts receivable, we also have programs where we buy your receivables. This is off balance sheet financing that is 1) expensive and 2) highly available. We have non-recourse programs, meaning that if your customers don’t pay, we are on the hook, not you.

Unsecured Lines of Credit

Unsecured lines of credit are great for business owners just starting out that don’t yet have assets at their disposal. If you have good personal credit, we can arrange for unsecured business lines from 25k – 200k with fast approvals.

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