Rural Real Estate – Yee Haw!

Rural Investment Real Estate – Reap What you Sow!

So here’s you, a current or prospective owner of investment real estate.  Where do you live?  In the country of course!  What type of property are you interested in?  Maybe a trailer park, apartment complex, or some retail.


The problem?  It’s hard for most institutions to finance rural real estate.  The population isn’t there, lenders are skeptical, and nobody really know your area.  So what’s next?


First, go talk to your local bank!  Banks are generally pretty choosy on who and what they finance but if you can get a yes you’re likely to get a great rate and a great deal.  So what if you get a no?  Is it all over?


Of course not, because your friendly commercial finance brokers here at Funds INC geek out over rural commercial real estate.  We can use little known financing programs like USDA Business and Industry Loans to get you over the hump!  We use private money investment real estate lenders that want a crack at your deal.  Heck, we might even finance it ourselves!  We can do the following:


– Acquisition

– Debt Consolidation

– Cash out Refinance

– Other nerdy financing terms that are of little interest!


At Funds INC we specialize in commercial finance and help people get capital to buy businesses and real estate.  Not sure where to start?  Give us a call.  Have a target in mind?  Let’s talk.  Just bored and want to discuss baseball? I’m you’re guy.   Give us a call or send us an email today!  Right now!  If you do, you too could be the happy, straw hat guy below who OBVIOUSLY owns a ton of rural real estate!



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