The Zen of Commercial Finance – Where’s my Chair?


Is it better to have a chair, or not to have a chair? I admit it’s a bit of an existential question, but here in the world of commercial finance, we tend to wax philosophic and focus on the Zen of things. So today’s topic is chairs. Rental chairs to be precise.

I was at a commercial finance conference in Vegas last year (Yes, it was in Vegas. No, I’m not going to tell you about all the crazy stuff I did) and me and a bunch of other nerds with calculators were discussing high cost financing, and that made me think of furniture (go figure).

So let me ask you, when is a chair not a chair? When it’s a rental chair! Maybe. So here’s the context – a bunch of legislators were considering banning Rent-A-Center furniture stores. It’s expensive as heck and there’s no equity in your investment as you basically rent furniture – it’s a big scam to get the little guy! Har Har!

Well, it’s true that renting furniture is very expensive, and it’s also true that you have no equity in your investment. But let me ask – is it better to have a chair, or not to have a chair? What about the people that can’t just go buy a bunch of stuff? Should they sit on the floor? Some people don’t have perfect credit, significant cash flow, and the ability to buy super awesome furniture.

Same thing in commercial finance. At Funds INC, we know, literally, thousands of different lenders that finance everything in the world. Some of them require great credit and amazing cash flow. Some of them focus on the mid-tier borrower segment. And some of them rent chairs – they offer immediate availability of expensive financing and they don’t care about your credit. Or your collateral. Or what kind of chair you sit on.

That’s the value of working with a competent brokerage firm – we know the people, we know the programs, and once we hear your story, we tell you the realistic options. Sometimes the only option is a rental chair, it’s up to you to decide if you want to sit down.

See? Told you things were going to get Zen.

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